Hi Mick,

I have to say your book is the best kept secret I ever come across. I've been searching for a straight forward, easy to understand Indian curry book for years and finally my search is over.

I can't believe the quality of the food I am able to prepare - its exactly (and I mean exactly) the same as Indian Takeaways back in the UK.

We are poms and now live in Australia and its just impossible to get this type of quality dish anywhere. In fact, your book is that good (and the dishes I've been able to cook) people have suggested I go into business !!!!

This is the real deal - please put this up on your website. Your underselling your book my friend - I'll definitely be getting your 2nd volume. What a revelation - I can't believe it hasn't gone viral yet.

The garlic chicken tikka is the best curry I've ever tasted in all my life - and that's a 'colossal' statement from a Brummie who thought the Balti was untouchable.

Thanks again man - your a star.

Cheers Andy G aka Barny Rubble.


 "Absolutely brilliant recipes mate, you've basically shared the secret of restaurant quality curries with the masses. Hats off to you. Ive been a keen curry cook for years and make the "base" of each as I go, but this idea of Garabi is great saves so much time, all makes sense now how the restaurants can crack them out in 10 minutes. My method of Korma used to take ages, yours is so much easier. Made the madras tonight and it was fantastic. Thanks very much Mick :-)"


"Your recipes are bang on mate! I've struggled to get good curry in sleepy south Australia but my search is at an end! Good on yer Fella!


"Cheers for that madras recipe. Followed you instructions. beautiful mate, plus the missus was impressed. :)
Last time i'm buying tesco curry LOL
Cheers again"


"Brilliant recipes and easy to follow instructions"


"perfect ...a must for the home curry cooker !"


"Very helpful, Excellent material, well researched"


I have cracked it with your book .
After curry frenzy.com.  the curry secret/Kris Dillon. Natco on line BIR.recipes. even the great Pat Chapman +12 other curry books.

I have been trying for the last 30 odd years 
I can now make BIR currys I now have the basics to go on and create any type I want. Its always been my ambition to make this type of curry.



Just made a Madras from your cooking book, honestly I cant believe how good it was. It sounds corny but it was fantastic, feel free to use my name or for anything connected to the authenticity of your book. Amazing.
John Stirrat.


I am delighted to confirm that Laura and I had the best Korma (Laura) and Vindaloo (me) we have ever had the pleasure of devouring.

We finally managed to not only match, but beat the local. Thank you so so much. It was a real sense of accomplishment for us and we extremely enjoyed the finished product.

Once again thank you so much, this has been a breakthrough in our Indian cooking. THANK YOU. 

Looking forward to book number two. 



Hi Mick,


We purchased your books last year – sorry it’s taken me so long to say thank you.


We have cooked, cooked and cooooooked


The base curry sauces are legendary, and from there the bhoona recipe is legendary !


Heads up I have just added your book to link on facebook for people to purchase – I hope that’s ok ?


I am a strong believer give credit where credit is due so I hope you get a few sales


I personally have never shared your book, please keep publishing


You  keep a pommy stop yearning for home, when living in Australia !!!


Mick thank you from the bottom of our hearts we finally have been able to replicate a decent curry


Please let me know if you need recipes testing out before publishing happy to cook and supply feedback



Annie & Rob Badley


Hi Mick,

What can I say?

We have just made and eaten the best curry we have ever made at home at home.

It certainly is up there with many of the local restaurants and takeaways.

The Patia is better than any locally.

Thank you so much for the work you have put in and the Videos are a great learning tool. 

I've never seen anything from anybody that has had so much time in a restaurant kitchen.

Thanks again and its Madras and Patia tonight.


Steve Johnstone


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